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What is Closed Loop Marketing (CLM)?

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What is CLM

Closed Loop Marketing

Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) is a cyclical process that captures actionable data to continuously optimize sales and marketing messages over successive customer engagements. CLM helps marketing teams understand which content is most engaging and which customer segments identify with each message. CLM programs do this by measuring and recording detailed information about real-world customer interactions and passing those analytics back to marketers for review. This allows marketers to build more potent messaging and focus on campaigns that produce results. “Closing the loop” is the effective use of that information, at which point the process starts again.

 “Closed loop marketing used to be the marketer’s ‘holy grail’ because it combined most of the best-of-breed technologies available at the time. Not only could data be collected directly at the customer level, but that same data worked to optimize the customer experience in future interactions. It’s a cycle that previously took months or years for some organizations, and today it’s something a small team could accomplish in a day or two with the right CLM platform and data wizardry tools.”

(Rhys Mohun, Marketing Manager at Three Point Turn)

Closed Loop Marketing in healthcare

Pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations use CLM to increase brand awareness, educate healthcare professionals (HCPs), and influence prescribing behavior within their market.

Representatives from these industries frequently use tablets to facilitate their sales conversations. The marketing and communications activities involved in presenting the product are known as e-detailing—a tactical function of CLM. Tablet e-detailing redefines the interaction between sales reps and HCPs by demonstrating which elements of the product presentation are adding value and which parts are unnecessary or repetitive. The messaging can then be tailored to a specific segment to help ensure that subsequent presentations will be more relevant to the HCP, and ultimately a better use of their time.

 “CLM is the evolution of selling with technology. Tablets were the perfect device format for reps in the field, and when cloud technology was introduced it changed the game completely. Reps can operate autonomously without needing to return to the office for data dumps, new content or analysis. It’s all networked throughout the cloud. I’m excited to learn what other applications closed-loop technology will be used for in five or ten years.”

(Rhys Mohun, Marketing Manager at Three Point Turn)

A closed loop strategy typically results in increased call time, deeper customer interactions, and more favourable feedback from HCPs. Time is a scarce commodity for physicians; CLM helps sales and marketing teams spend their time efficiently.

 Platforms bringing CLM to healthcare

Companies like Veeva, Agnitio and Skura each offer all-in-one multichannel solutions to leverage CLM. Platform vendors take the guesswork out of analytics models, channel selection and presentation features. All of these components are already pre-built and ready to display branded content, serve HCPs and collect interaction data from the visit.

veeva irep

Veeva, well-known for its popular CRM product of the same name, offers the iRep closed loop marketing product which seamlessly connects to the cloud-based customer database in a single platform.

skura clm

Skura, creator of the SFX sales enablement CLM platform, boasts fluid integration with top CRM systems and relationship-building features helpful to reps in the field.

agnitio clm
Agnitio, developer of CLM and Rainmaker tools, allows users to purposefully segment and personalize messaging to HCPs through a multichannel e-detailing platform.


All vendors—Veeva iRep, Agnitio and Skura—make extensive use of their integration partner networks to leverage local, experienced experts to deliver content onto their platform.

Torque integrates CLM content onto tablets

clm content integration

Torque is a premium CLM digital integration service that works together with agencies to facilitate the delivery of digital content onto any platform. Torque makes it easy for teams to integrate beautiful, feature-rich e-detailing presentations onto tablets. A dedicated team of CLM platform experts will help agencies develop and deploy engaging digital content to maximize every campaign’s value.



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Vivian Rashotte is a digital marketer at Three Point Turn. She's a writer and a visual artist who's interested in digital strategy, brand management and creating compelling web content.

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