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Who needs what from pharma e-Detailing?

Posted on: November 17th, 2014 by


This article takes a look at the different groups of professionals, payers and providers who ultimately benefit from e-detailing’s place in the pharmaceutical technology toolbelt. As advancements in technology connect stakeholders more closely than ever before, we see shifts in how prescriptions are filled, outcomes are recorded and even how patients are educated.

Healthcare practitioners

medical professionals e-detailing

Medical professionals are starved for time. Their scarcest resource is displayed on the face of their watch, and there’s no way to refund poorly-spent decisions. How do HCPs make wise decisions relevant to patient health when there’s hardly time in their day for product education?

E-detailing aids come to the rescue. Not only is the learning journey for each HCP recorded and catered to be as relevant as possible to their prescribing behaviours, but the medium itself (interactive aids) is proven to empower learning more than other methods. So reps can bring a continuing story for each successive visit, build on knowledge from previous visits, and even offer post-visit access to learning materials for some at-home review by the HCP. Product information is accessible, relevant and digestible. That’s how you manage time.

Sales representatives

sales reps e-detailing

The impact of a tablet e-detail on a rep’s day-to-day activities is enormous. Pharma representatives interact with detail aids the most frequently compared to other stakeholders. The primary purpose of the rep’s detail aid is to optimize the conversation with HCPs and provide feedback from visits. Other benefits are obvious, too:

  • Reps are able to stay out in the field longer with the ability to integrate remotely with the company’s CRM application or update messaging via cloud sync with regulatory changes.
  • Reps can support their claims free of bias when backed by data and shown using interactive media. It’s this enhanced communication that fosters better relationships with doctors.
  • The interactive components are proven to be more useful in providing learning to HCPs than static aids. Effective messaging relies on understanding and retention, after all.


e-detailing patients

The root of these complex drug conversations between reps and HCPs is the impact on a patient’s well-being and recovery. E-detailing virtualizes the discussion around important patient-level topics such as missed-dose implications or combinations with other medications. Real Data, social features, patient feedback, drug samples, etc., are evolutions of the medium enabling reps to educate providers on treatment options ultimately leading to more flexible, reliable care for patients.

Pharma sales & marketing

pharma marketing e-detailing

Pharma’s objective is to disseminate information in a meaningful, digestible, and discussable way; educating physicians to the treatments available from newly developed products. Often these new products are alternatives to the current formulary used by an HCP, and serve to fill specific prescription situations based on drug combinations and special patient requirements.

The complexity of the conversation necessitates a clear medium for discussion – drug combinations, dosage levels, and the mechanism of action (MOA) where a drug interacts biochemically with the body – require detailed explanation. The more easily a physician can absorb the details of a new product, the more effective his or her prescribing activities will be. Detail aids are a powerful platform for this level of discussion.

In addition to the educational component of e-detailing, pharma is equally concerned with the feedback from physicians and the effectiveness of its sales process. Calculating the return on investment for selling activities is a key factor in the adoption of CLM strategy.

 Healthcare marketing agencies

e-detailing healthcare agencies

Many pharma products are marketed with the help of external agencies.  Multi-channel campaigns to promote new products could run ads on a variety of mediums, from television spots to magazine print ads, medical journals to branded websites. E-detailing is just one channel available for product promotion and is typically used to access the target market of HCPs directly.

Marketers use the e-detailing feature set to disseminate complex information to physicians and then make that information accessible online. Tablet details are able to enhance the creativity from digital producers who make use of exciting new features, display resolutions, online access, interactive controls and rich media.

Application developers

e-detailing integration developers

Application developers turn the designs provided by the creative agencies into a tangible set of features on a particular detailing platform. These teams create the powerful back-end analytics engines that capture physician feedback and drive closed-loop marketing systems.  Presentation performance and usability are front-end priorities: smooth transitions, quick scene load times, intuitive interface navigation. Many application developers help guide their pharma client along a technology roadmap, creating a feasible route to future marketing  technology integrations that grow the client’s analytics systems, database structure and content delivery platforms. Detail aids wouldn’t be possible without the help of technical experts fluent in the delivery of tablet-based marketing platforms.


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