CLM Overview

Who Benefits From CLM?

Pharma & Life Sciences

Pharma and life science organizations employ CLM to increase brand awareness, educate practitioners, and influence drug prescribing behavior within their market.

Digital Marketing Agencies

Closed-loop marketing is the strategy used by agencies to refine and optimize their client messaging. Used to execute an effective multi-channel campaign, CLM directly engages healthcare practitioners to collect visit feedback to measure the campaign’s message for subsequent visits.


Thanks to segmentation and content personalization, physicians see only targeted materials from their pharma representatives. These materials are always relevant to the doctor and won’t be wasteful, repetitive discussions. A physician’s time is often considered his or her most scarce commodity, CLM helps to ensure it’s spent efficiently.

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  • “Real insight comes from the collaborative input from all players in CLM strategy.”
    - Torque E-Detailing Compendium 2013

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  • “The goal is to enhance a rep's value to the doctor as a repository of both knowledge and insight.”
    - Implementing CLM, eyeforpharma

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