CLM Overview

How is CLM Used Today?

CLM is arguably today’s most effective method of optimizing and delivering key messaging materials to targeted audiences.

Tablet e-detailing aids employ CLM to directly communicate a brand message to healthcare practitioners and send content feedback to brand managers.

Marketers and pharmaceutical representatives typically see increased call time, deeper customer interactions, and receive more favourable feedback from physicians when utilizing a closed-loop strategy to responsively engage the industry.

Deployed across a multitude of digital channels, CLM allows a brand to be accessible to HCPs anytime information is needed. The ‘closed-loop’ lends visibility to brand managers as to where content is being consumed and how engaged viewers are.

How Will CLM Realize Its Potential?

Many vendors, consultants and agencies use the phrase “true CLM”, referring to the concept of fully-integrated closed-loop systems throughout an organization.

Everyone working together sharing information and creating truly compelling messaging that speaks profoundly to each niche market.

It’s not a dream. CLM’s genius is drawn from its top-level goal setting opportunities fueled by first-degree customer insights.

The Golden Age of CLM will come when CLM users manage to integrate throughout an entire organization and coordinate marketing efforts together - all for the purpose of understanding what fundamentally drives customers to take action.

  • “Many companies have deployed CLM programs but few are capturing complete data. This year we’ll see existing CLM programs evolve to the next level.”
    - Chris Mihalicz, CEO
    Three Point Turn, Inc.

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