Multi-Channel Enablement

Turn on and connect every channel.

Extend HCP engagements through every channel, cover all physician touchpoints and connect the broader CLM landscape; even beyond your platform's out-of-box channels.

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Digital Development

The nuts and bolts of great presentations.

Tighten optimized messaging into high-performance, compelling content using interactive design. Presentations are built in open-standard HTML5 or native code.

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Globalization & Localization

One message, many markets

Save time and resources when adapting messages for multiple markets. Consistent, approved content can be localized easily using a centralized CLM content integration partner.

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Bury the needle with any e-detail platform.

The leading CLM solutions boast powerful, nuanced feature sets. Integrate your content regardless of vendor - including your custom or legacy solutions. Torque services are platform agnostic.

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Customize content for the right audience.

Ensure that perfect message will meet the right ears. Filter, sort and group segments using custom parameters defined by your agency. Test and optimize custom content within each segment.

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