Multi-Channel Enablement

Reach customers where they consume content

Turn on channels that aren’t pushing content yet. Engage your audience online, on mobile, and even through social touchpoints. Your messaging shouldn’t be contained by boxed or disintegrated platform channels.

Torque digital experts have the platform experience needed to setup, activate and begin engaging the growing list of popular online channels:

  • Bridge multiple devices
  • KOL and ambassador networks
  • Web forums
  • Medical portals
  • Social media
  • and more...

Safely scale digital channels

By extending the reach of a digital program, many platforms can encounter performance, scalability, and compatibility issues.

Torque experts work with partners to design a safe Technology Deployment Roadmap for brand expansion and reduce the threat of downtime, bugs, crashes, and poor launches.

Hammer out inconsistencies across digital channels

What happens to your messaging when technical variables present an inconsistent brand experience between digital channels?

Eliminate the nuances of each device or platform and safely tell your brand story anywhere. We can help.

  • Adaptive or responsive designs for mobile devices and tablets
  • Controlled dynamic web content for segments and profiled users
  • Native and cross-platform development

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