Three Point Turn

Automated Workflows

Are you too overwhelmed with routine tasks to focus on growth?

Are routine office tasks and outdated data causing you to waste time and miss opportunities for growth?

Keep a pulse on your company with ‘3PT Pulse’ – our solution that keeps your system header beating for you. Automate tasks using AI models and let our fully automatic system pump information around your databases.

Implement 3PT pulse and Microsoft Flow for up-to-date information at your fingertips, and let our tools do the work for you so that you can seize business opportunities instead.

Automate Your Workflows
Automate Office Tasks

From report generation to inventory management, our 3PT system will tailor-fit your every need

Automate Workflows

Entire workflows can be automated to save on employee hours and increase accuracy

Live Data Circlulation

Ensure your company's data is always up-to-date

Empower Your Team

Members of your team can also design automated tasks

We will implement Pulse and Microsoft Flow for You

Three Point Turn has over a decade experience in modernizing business’ human resources systems with Microsoft tools.

Our expert team of Microsoft Flow developers will help you realize the strength of automation and AI tools, so that you can allocate more time to growing your business. We will build a 3PT pulse system tailor-fit to your company’s unique tasks and needs, no matter the industry.

What 3PT Pulse and Microsoft Flow Offers
A Better Way to Get Things Done
Make Your Productivity Skyrocket

Automate anything from personal tasks to company-wide processors with Microsoft Flow and 3PT Pulse technologies. Your data will transfer between systems live and error-free, and you'll feel the weight of mundane tasks lifted from your shoulders.

Quick, Secure Automation

Enable anyone to build automated workflows code-free. Microsoft's state of the art automation and interface technologies are built to empower everyone.

Intelligent Workflows

Are you spending too much time on repetitive, rule-based manual processes? Microsoft soft Flow's intelligent workflows can take those off your plate and finish them in minutes as frequently as you need.

Let Employees Design Their Own Workflows

Make sure your workforce is getting the most out of their time in the office by giving them access to Microsoft Flow's automated tools. Workers can automated their mundane, rule-based tasks so they can apple their talent to what's important.

Automated Workflows with MS Flow
Scale Rapidly with Best-in-Practice Tools
Tools Tailored to You

Once our team of experts understands your unique business needs, we will present a technology strategy that will support the growth of your business.


We are fluent in everything Microsoft Dynamics 365 has to offer. From quote to cash, we will set up your workspace to match your strategy perfectly, so we can get it right for you the first time.

Updates and Upgrades

Goals and needs change as your business grows. Our team of experts have years of experience in re-organizing existing technologies to suit current and future needs of your company in a scalable way.

Training and Support

We welcome training and support requests for projects, so you can know the solution that you ordered inside out. Additionally, we offer several specialized ongoing support packages.

Automation Consultation

Feeling overwhelmed with choices? Book a no-commitment session with our team of experts, and let’s head each other out.

3PT Flow Implementation

Are you ready to take the weight of mundane tasks of your shoulders and move your process flow into the future? Let us get implementing!

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