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Two Microsoft tools can help you with the marketing budgets of your company. These include Dynamics 365 and Power BI. It is software that makes it easy for your business to scale up/down when necessary.

To learn more about these business applications, what they are, and how they can benefit your business, continue reading.

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is a group of systematized, linked software, or software-as-a-service (SaaS). It is designed to modify and empower your primary customers, staff, and company activities. It joins customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) capacities, coordinating your information, determining the use of that data and systems. Dynamics 365 presents computerized, interconnected, and astute deals and promotes competencies that proficiently associate, organize, and convert leads to paying clients.

It makes companies stable and facilitates business dealings with customers, predictions, projections, and team members.

Dynamics 365 gives employees the technical tools they need to be more effective, improve customer relationships, and gain more business. It also offers executives invaluable insights into performance and opportunities through its enterprise intelligence platform. 

Benefits of using Dynamics 365

We are going to discuss a few benefits of Dynamics 365:


  • Easy to Use tool

It is easy to use the tool, and you can use it in the cloud or a hybrid cloud environment.  It’s easy to handle and set up in whatever manner you need based on your financial plan and infrastructure. 

  • Integrates with Microsoft apps

Dynamics 365 easily integrates along with other Microsoft products, including the full Office 365 suite. These integrations allow businesses to go from Dynamics 365 into the outlook for communication, Power BI for information analytics, or SharePoint for documentation. 

  • Reduced Sales

Dynamics 365 gives sales teams access to a wealth of educational customer data, whether working in the field or accepting a call at the office. Your staff will have the ability to craft fast answers and deliver advice without asking for help.

  • Customizable

Dynamics 365  has various modules and built-in workflow tools you can use to automate tasks across sales, marketing, customer service, field service, and endeavor service.

Benefits of using Power BI

Here we will discuss a few benefits of Power BI:


  • Minimal upfront prices

Power BI can be a subscription-based service that doesn’t require buying permits, assistance, etc. Not having to pay for licensing can be easier on your budget. To begin, you’re able to sign up and immediately start making your dashboards.

  • Multiple programs and devices

Whether you are a salesperson meeting clients, or you’re a CEO traveling and might want to find an instant update on earnings, Power BI draws the accounts into your laptop or cellular device.

  • Combine multiple information resources

Power BI is not exclusive to Microsoft systems. It’s harmonious and can extract data from different sources. When you have attached to most of your computer data sources, you can then combine it into a data set and start building your accounts.

  • Directly discuss dashboards

After that, from the Power BI Guru version, you can talk about your computer data visualizations together with different colleagues from your organization.

Client Pain Points

A pain point is a problem that potential clients of your own business are undergoing. Quite simply, you’re able to consider these pain issues as problems, in basic terms.

Listed below the pain point that can be resolved with the help of Dynamics 365 and Power BI:

  • Economic and financial pain points
  • Productivity pain points
  • Process pain matters
  • Pain matters


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Dynamics 365 and Power BI for Marketing