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Three Point Turn was asked to build a best-of-breed order fulfillment system for Shirtly. Millions of entrepreneurs around the world have entered into the apparel space and started selling their own custom designs on shops such as Etsy, Amazon, and eCommerce channels. Shirtly takes all the complexity out of order fulfillment. They want to provide a service that the artists can simply set up their stores, upload their artwork, and watch the orders all through.

The Challenge

This particular project was aimed at addressing the issues presented by our Etsy connector. Etsy is a fussy marketplace. If they suspect that is a store is fulfilling their orders through a manufacturer, that store and all related stores can be permanently banned an instant. This represented significant risk to the organization.

The Solution

We enabled the Etsy connector for only those stores that have already been exposed to the connector’s API key(internal shops). And we built a ShipStation connector to power the remaining orders. This allows Etsy retailers to connect to Shirtly through Shopify without having to go through the pains of
connecting their store directly.

Our Deliverables

Our two final deliverables to Shirtly were:

  • ShipStation connector
  • A web app
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