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eCommerce cost optimization tool.

Wizmo gives Canadian small businesses the ability to remian competitive. It's online shipping interface mixes with unique operational strengths offering businesses the ability to achieve cost optimization in shipping. Three Point Turn builds up the system that connects online stores to automatically import the orders data to Wizmo, and this connection greatly increases the processing efficiency.

The Challenge

Having learned about Three Point Turn’s expertise in building complex platforms, we were tasked by Wizmo to build up a shipping system to target online businesses and e-store owners and optimize shipping cost by shipping parcels to most preferred carriers and freeing customers from the painful process of working directly with couriers.

The Solution

Wizmo needed a system that has absolutely no technical risk, reliable, innovation and also user-friendly as it is integrated on different platforms. We transfored Wizmo’s digital experience by building a unique platform based on compelling the new idea that processes thousands of orders everyday.

Our Deliverables

Three Point Turn implemented a fully redesigned operations processing system that provided controllers with a clear line of sight into the details and schedules of all shipments. The new system made vital client information, such as the shipping module, destination, carrier’s information, and cost calculation system. The vesy easy-to-use system allows employees efficiently work on orders. Wizmo is now connecting with the very top eCommerce store in North America and worldwide.
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