Three Point Turn

Data Warehousing and Data Governance

Securely organize a wealth of accurate data

Are your legacy reports unreliable? You can’t make mission-critical decisions while
second-guessing your data.

Data governance in data warehousing is the process of ensuring the data that’s
being displayed in your dashboards is accurate. Inaccurate data will cause you to
miss out on countless opportunities and stop you from making assessments and

Three Point Turn’s data warehousing and data governing services include data auto-
mation, management and storage.

Data Warehousing and Governance
Automate Office Tasks

Keep track of customer interactions for new opportunities

Automate Workflows

Entire workflows can be automated to save on employee hours and increase accuracy

Live data circulation

Ensure your company's data is always up-to-date

Empower Your Team

Members of your team can also design automated tasks

We will implement Data Governance Systems for You

Three Point Turn has over a decade of experience in managing big data for organizations across multiple industries. The systems we implement are heavily
reliant on accurate data, and for that reason, we fully appreciate the intricate processes involved in data governance.

We will ensure the data that feeds into your reports and dashboards is reliable by
implementing data governing best practices into your system.

What Data Warehouse and Governance Offers
Analyse Data You can Trust
Consistent Accessibility

Data governance ensures your data terminology remains consistent across all boards, while still retaining flexibility for exceptions in certain area of your business.

Improved Data Quality

Do you face issues with data completeness, consistency, and accuracy? A good data governance plan will have you covered in all of these bases.

Attain 'a Single Version fo the Truth'

The framework of consistency attained by data governance can give you a 360-degree gree view of each customer and business entities and activities.

Data Map

Are you unsure how your data relates to each other? In data governance, data mapping helps users visualize how each data entity relates to each other. Spotting the correlation between entities and their data

Consistent Compliance

The mass processing and management of data means data governance can ensure all your data is adhering to regulations, such as the US HIPAA(Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), and industry requirements.

Improved Data Management

Data governance introduces the real-world dimension to your data. It accounts for factors like regulations, legal, and security are all addressed consistently.

Data Cleansing, Enrichment, and Validation

Little adjustments to accuracy can quickly snowball into large margins of error later on. Ensure you put high quality data in your system to yield high quality results.

Automatic Documentation

Well documanted data will save you a great deal of headache in the future. Properly done documentation increases readability, accessibility, linkability, compliance, and more.

Scale Rapidly with Best-in-Practice Tools
Tools Tailored to You

Once our team of experts understands your unique business needs, we will present a technology strategy that will support the growth of your business.


We are fluent in everything Microsoft Dynamics 365 has to offer. From quote to cash, we will set up your workspace to match your strategy perfectly, so we can get it right for you the first time.

Updates and Upgrades

Goals and needs change as your business grows. Our team of experts have years of experience in re-organizing existing technologies to suit current and future needs of your company in a scalable way.

Training and Support

We welcome training and support requests for projects, so you can know the solution that you ordered inside out. Additionally, we offer several specialized ongoing support packages.

Automation Consultations
Feeling overwhelmed with choices? Book a no-commitment session with our team of experts, and let’s hear each other out.
Flow Implementation
Are you ready to take the weight of mundane tasks of your shoulders and move your process flow into the future? Let us get implementing!
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