custom-tailored suite SaaS suite

FUM app/web application, is a custom-tailored suite SaaS suite that allows business owners to quickly acquire talent to support their businesses at peak seasons. 
The development team leverages unique creative design to provide an intuitive and compelling user experience for the application. Branding and design decisions also made during the creative discovery process


  • Testing will be performed on a maximum of three mobile devices that best represent the target audience
  • Client to provide timely responses to questions or concerns throughout the project
  • Marketing and advertising not included in the scope of this project (only UI and logo designs)
  • Hosting, infrastructure, and other third 
  • Client is responsible for providing legal agreements and language to protect its interests
  • 3PT is happy to provide recommendations


  • Rapid talent acquisition for hiring firms
  • Increase employment rates and income levels for target audience
  • Enable future growth through a business franchising model


  • FUM web portal
  • Mobile iOS app
  • Mobile Android app
  • Automated settlement eCommerce engine
  • Multi-tenant franchising