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To deliver convenient and effective healthcare, the fields of health service delivery and information technology must merge seamlessly. 

From practitioner portals, to EMR databases, to healthcare device monitoring, to VR check-ups, the ways healthcare can be revolutionized by software is endless. In healthcare, overheads represent a major portion of overall costs, and digital information automation can reduce overheads drastically.

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Healthcare Software Services

Recently, we developed a secure dashboard and automation ecosystem for an in-patient rehabilitation facility, which automates insurance, billing, dashboards, and stringent paperwork. The result is massive cost reductions, greater efficiency, and live financial reports on demand for them. Additionally, we designed and developed the backbone for a home-doctor visitation system that hundreds of clinics in Australia and the US now use use for EMR storage, office and schedule management, automating billing and insurance claims, and planning practitioner home-visitation routes.

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