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We understand the challenges and opportunities unique to each
industry. Our team has over a decade of technical and functional
experience developing custom software, implementing leading
ERP and CRM systems, building robust websites and creating
powerful mobile apps, for all business scenarios.
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With expertise in ERP and cloud financial tools, developing custom software for pharma companies is a focal point of Three Point Turn.
We understand that in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, a software with features managing quality control, manufacture progress tracking, financial dashboards, inventory tracking, and security are of utmost importanance. Our team of experts with experience in producing robust custom ERP software can fulfil these requirements, as well as equip your company with personalized tools.

To deliver convenient and effective healthcare, the fields of health service delivery and information technology must merge seamlessly. 

From practitioner portals, to EMR databases, to healthcare device monitoring, to VR check-ups, the ways healthcare can be revolutionized by software is endless. In healthcare, overheads represent a major portion of overall costs, and digital information automation can reduce overheads drastically.

Recently, we developed a secure dashboard and automation ecosystem for an in-patient rehabilitation facility, which automates insurance, billing, dashboards, and stringent paperwork. The result is massive cost reductions, greater efficiency, and live financial reports on demand for them. Additionally, we designed and developed the backbone for a home-doctor visitation system that hundreds of clinics in Australia and the US now use use for EMR storage, office and schedule management, automating billing and insurance claims, and planning practitioner home-visitation routes.


Our extensive experience with dashboard software such as Power BI makes us experts in designing and personalizing business intelligence and predictive analytics tools.

We specialize in designing and developing systems of digital modules of your business (e.g. sales, CRM, ERP, finances, etc.) which can pass and process data between themselves, ultimately outputting world-class dashboards that tell you everything you need to know about your company’s financial health, KPIs, and opportunities.

Software tools for finance are much more expansive than dashboard services. Get in touch with us to bring your digital financial solution to life.

Our digital solutions for e-commerce includes design and development of sales tools, customer loyalty portals, CX and CRM tools, and business analytics dashboards.

Our team’s combined experience in sales and software development makes us excellent consultants in the world of e-commerce. We provide insights into strategic planning, marketing, mobile commerce, customer behaviour analytics, subscription management, and integrated marketing management.

Total retail sales in e-commerce worldwide are growing steadily and are forecasted to each CAD6.5
million in 2023 (Statista 2020). If you have a business model in mind, we have everything you need to bring it to life.


Construction tools range from simple CPQ software, to encapsulate project management, resource planning, quote automation, cost control, flexible job edits, collaboration, and more features all in one place.

With multiple integration tools, our custom construction software will help your company plan and effectively meet client deadlines, as well as keep costs under control. Taking construction jobs can feel like a risk, so
we make it our mission to create software that calculates and controls areas of risk, so that you can focus on growth.

A strong software in the manufacturing industry should cover five key areas: production planning and control, machinery and process monitoring, business intelligence, and customer relationship management/service.

As the manufacturing industry changes to accommodate new trends and shifting customer needs (typically toward more customized goods), your manufacturing company needs software that is tailored to fit your needs. Our custom software offers manufacturing companies a competitive advantage which is scalable, and (unlike off-the-shelf-software) works beautifully with the resources specific to your company.

With our cutting-edge AI, loT, dashboard, and automatic resource-planning expertise, we can create a software optimized for lean manufacturing, so you save time, resources, and reduce wasted cost.

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