Three Point Turn

KPI Workshop

Are You Second-Guessing which KPIs You Should be Monitoring?

By the time you spot a problem on your financial reports it’s already too late. Are you monitoring leading indicators or lagging indicators?

In this 1-day workshop, our team of experts will advise on KPI strategies, the best tools for them, and the design of your perfect dashboards.

We guarantee that you’ll leave this workshop with an in-depth understanding of dashboards and KPIs, and a clear plan for your KPI strategy and what that means your future dashboard will look and function like.

Workshop Focus

We want to help you reach your goals, so if you pair this with our dashboard implementation services, you will receive a discount!

Dashboards allow to:

•Monitor critical business processes and activities

•Analyse the root cause of problems by exploring relevant information

•Manage people and processes to optimise performance

KPI Workshop
Re-Align Your Objectives

Clarify, measure, and document busi- ness objectives, priorities, & challenges

Set Up Your Dashboards

Convert your data into actionable insights to facillitate data-driven decision making

Align Your Workforce

Create a plan for employee training and software maintenance

We are Microsoft Gold Partners

Three Point Turn has over a decade of experience in modernizing business’ finance and operations systems with Microsoft tools, and so will demonstrate how your dream dashboard can be achieved through Microsoft’s cutting-edge technologies.

Timeline for our 1-Day KPI Workshop

We have experience in safety transferring datasheets from platforms like Minotaur, Sage3000, Excel, YouTube, and more. If you are contacting us to migrate data on a system which appears on the list below, we are happy to negotiate a discount with you.

Our expert team of PowerBI developers will help you realize the strength of Microsoft’s tools, while maximizing your business’ ability to reach new clients and close deals.

Financial Dashboards built in Power BI
Benefits of Great KPIs and Dashboards
Great KPIs, the First Time
Increase Visibility, Coordination and Motivation

When your data speaks to you, you can finally align your team on the perfect strategy to reach a clear goal. Don't let murky data get in the way of your success - design a perfect dashboard today!

Data Drives Decision Making

Foster an organizational culture where everyone users data to spot opportunities and make decisions. Ground-breaking machine learning and AI technologies by Microsoft will always be there to guide you.

Communicate Strategy

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the essence of measuring your successes and your shortcomings. Center your strategy around KPIs to align your team, impress investors, and grow in meaningful ways.

Set Measurable Goals

Meaningful goals get you on the track to meaningful growth! Are you setting the right goals for you? Our KPI Workshop will ensure you never second-guess your goals in this critical period.

Know Your Strengths, and Your Areas of Improvement
Create Awareness of Improvement

When your team is working towards the same goals, you'll notice quickly when issues start to arise. And you'll have reasons to celebrate when important milestones are met! Set meaningful KPIs today!

Sustain Continuous Effort for Improvement

When your team can see real outcomes to their efforts, they are more likely to stay highly motivated and take the initiative to improve on their own. Give your team the tools to improve with a strong KPI strategy.

Reduce Costs and Redundancy of Reports

How many employee hours does your organization waste on reports that don't contribute to your goals? Centering your efforts around your KPI can ensure a lean strategy with minimal waste.

Our Case Study

Bothwell Cheese

Want to check out our portfolio for KPI Dashboards? We recently helped Bothwell Cheese build a dashboard optimized for finance and sales transparency. And the results? Their profitability increased by 20% (in a year) through eliminating SKUs and helping Bothwell Cheese focus on the strategies that were working for them.

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