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Modernize Talent & Acquisition

Do you have the right people in the right seats?

Unlock the next stage of business growth by transforming employee experiences with people-first processes. Increase organizational agility, discover workforce insights, and simplify compensation, compliance, and training.

From the employee viewpoint, Dynamics 365 HR will transform your team’s experience through collaboration hubs, self-service tools, field service apps, and robust performance feedback cycles.

From the office viewpoint, Dynamics 365 HR simplifies employee schedule management processes, automates payroll, budgets, and taxes, and also empowers the recruiting process.

Modernize Talent & Acquisition
Equip Your Workforce with the Right Technologies

Self-service portals, collaboration hubs, and more

Discover Workforce Insights

Use visual dashboards to find insights in your HR data

Automate Payroll

Oversee live project progress and invoices from one place

Simplify Budgets, Taxes, and Invoicing

Automated, and flexible to fit any scenario

Automate Your Inventory

Utilize tools to prevent inventory wastage and place orders

We will implement Dynamics 365 HR for You

Three Point Turn has over a decade of experience in modernizing business’ human resources systems with Microsoft tools.

Our expert team of Microsoft Dynamics developers will help you realize the strength of Microsoft’s tools, while maximizing your business’ ability to reach new clients and close deals. We can safely migrate your data to your final Dynamics 365 HR solution.

What Dynamics 365 HR Offers
Transform the Employee Experience
Virtual Representatives to Direct Customers

Crush blockers by empowering your workforce with self-service tools they can use to complete business processes. Keep your employees running at full capacity, and save countless frustrating hours. What processes do your employees wish was automated?

Field Workforce Apps

Is your workforce empowered with the right technology when they're on the move? Mobile field apps ensure they stay connected to the necessary tools no matter where they are.

Team Collaboration Hubs

Communication is key. Communication hubs like Microsoft Teams allow for instant messaging, file sharing, channel discussions, meetings, app integration, and much more. Allow your team to support each other with a robust collaboration tool.

Feedback Tools

A team needs to take care of each other to function at its best. Equip your workforce with tools to record performance details and feedback, so you can measure employee and client satisfaction, strive for perfection, and grow as a team.

Manage employee profiles
Support Your HR Processes
Record Employee Leaves & Absences Effortlessly

Stay on top of your workforce's schedules and special requests with Dynamics 365's simplified HR system. It supports competitive and compliance programs that meet global regulations.

Automate & Deliver Payroll, Budgets, and Tax Filings

Ensure organization in your payroll, budgeting, and tax filings with Dynamics HR's robust tools. Dynamics HR integrates with your payroll providers like Ceridian Payforce, and links to Dynamics 365 Finance to give you a clear idea of where your money is going. No matter your goal, Dynamics HR puts flexibility first, so every unique situation can be automated.

Achieve Ultimate Flexibility

Dynamics HR's tools support benefits administration. Easily factor in benefit groups, hierarchies, flexible credits, and auto-enrollment with self-service enrollment tools.

Fill the Right Seats with the Right People

Your company deserves the best workforce to drive growth. Dynamics 365 integrates with LinkedIn Talent Solutions or other ATS providers to keep you in the know about talent. Streamline the recruitment process with tools to manage your end-to-end recruiting experience.

Manage Employee Compensation
Maximize Your Organizational Agility
Streamline Your Organizational Complexity

If your organizational hierarchy is over complicated, consider administration tools within Dynamics HR that accurately reflect organization structures, hierarchies, employee records, and job descriptions.

Empower Your Workforce with Automated Workflows

Help reduce blockers from your HR team's path with automated processes, workflows, and task management tools. Blockers are the primary cause for lost productivity and efficiency in workers, so ensure your team has the right technology beneath them to make the most out of every workday.

Easily Customize Your Toolkit, Yourself

Microsoft's module-like app structure allows for complete freedom. Customize and extend your workspace with new apps on the Microsoft Power Platform, regardless of your level of technical expertise.

Secure Cloud Storage

Security and privacy is every employee and company's right. Microsoft has you covered every step of the way with Microsoft Azure, its own cloud-computing service. Achieve tight security the first time, and trust Microsoft for your cloud storage.

Discover Workforce Insights
Centralize, Analyze, and Visualise Your HR Data

Spot opportunities for improvement among visualized HR data (powered by Microsoft Power BI). Ensure your workforce strategy is the right one with user-friendly data that you can view from any device.

Turn Data into Actionable Insights

Dynamics HR uses embedded analytics that can track and analyze your HR programs. Instead of letting this data go to waste, use it to optimize your company's structure, and gain insights into its needs.

Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Visuals and charts are key in centralizing your workforce's goals. Microsoft is all about visuals - use the Common Data Model to bring together data and integrate HR with existing systems and ISV applications.

Scale Rapidly with Best-in-Practice Tools
Tools Tailored to You

Once our team of experts understands your unique business needs, we will present a technology strategy that will support the growth of your business.


We are fluent in everything Microsoft Dynamics 365 has to offer. From quote to cash, we will set up your workspace to match your strategy perfectly, so we can get it right for you the first time.

Updates and Upgrades

Goals and needs change as your business grows. Our team of experts have years of experience in re-organizing existing technologies to suit current and future needs of your company in a scalable way.

Training and Support

We welcome training and support requests for projects, so you can know the solution that you ordered inside out. Additionally, we offer several specialized ongoing support packages.

Dynamics HR Setup

Perfect for organizations that need assistance with setting up their Dynamics HR workspace.

Workforce Field Apps Upgrade

Perfect for organizations that need to empower their field workforce with mobile apps that connect to office systems.

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