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Power App Consulting & Development

Empower Your Team with the Right Tools

Create at the speed of innovation. Your team is ready to capitalize on new opportunities, enter new markets, and focus on business growth strategies.

Tell us about your business, and we will plan the strategy for, and develop the application of your dreams. Your final solution will be fully functional on any device. No matter where they are, your workforce can use these apps to analyze data, use robust tools, and stay connected to your office workspace to consistently represent your company in the best possible light.

Power Apps drives business transformation by empowering everyone to do more with custom, agile apps.

Power App Setup
Field Service Tools

PowerApps sync automatically with the cloud, so your workspace stays connected wherever they are

Connect Apps to Office Workspaces

Connect front-end workers to offices

Integrate Databases

Access databases seamlessly across platforms, and keep databases within the app

Tools Perfect for Your Needs

We consult on and deliver tools custom for your solution

Cloud Syncing

Always have a live pulse on your workforce

Power App Setup

Three Point Turn has over a decade of experience in consulting business on software strategies, and then implementing and maintaining these systems for them. We have a deep appreciation for the unique goals of each industry, and use our expertise to help our clients get it right the first time.

Our expert team of Microsoft PowerApps developers will help you realize the strength of Microsoft’s tools, while maximizing your business’ ability to reach new clients and close deals. We can empower your workforce with a custom app solution.

What Power Apps Offer
Empower Your Workforce
Powerful Tools at Your Fingertips

Equip your app with the capabilities your workforce needs. Pack in Microsoft's state-of-the-art technologies in machine learning, AI, IoT, and automation, so your workers will be well-equipped for any situation.

Open Communication Between Workers

Cut back on communication down-time with built-in app messaging, file-sharing, calls, and more. Make sure your talent stays connected throughout the day.

Access to Company Databases

Wherever your team is, ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest data for your company. From inventory to financial data, cut back the margin of error by giving your workforce access to company databases.

Robust AI, Machine Learning, and IoT Technologies

Microsoft is a leader in automation. A single app can pack a load of horsepower by adding on capabilities for AI, machine learning, IoT, and automation.

responsive business apps
Keep a Pulse on Your Business
Live Business Analytics Dashboards

Access beautiful visuals of your company's data wherever you are from your custom PowerApp. Keep a pulse on the wellbeing of your business, or make a well-informed decision on the go.

Responsive Apps

Whether you're using a tablet, mobile device, or desktop, your custom solution will retain the same functionality.

An Ecosystem that Connects Your Workforce

PowerApps can integrate with existing technologies and apps by Microsoft to create a network that supports every facet of your business. Oversee every area of your business from your phone screen. That is the power of Microsoft.

Cloud Database Storage

Microsoft's cloud storage solutions aren't just secure - they're the way forward. Live data will always be backed up, and can be accessed from any device.

manage your business wherever you are
Modern Tools for Rapid Growth
Integrates with Your Existing Apps

PowerApps can integrate with Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies. Keep everything on the same page, and support all modules of your business with a Microsoft ecosystem.

Tools for Best Practices

Giving your team modern tools means data can be automatically organized in a modern way. You can say goodbye to days of backlogs - report automation, invoicing, and other admin processes can be done through the press of a single button. Let your team focus on growth when you give them tools that does the grunt work for them.

Monitor Operations from the App

We believe that data should be visualized. Keep a pulse on how your company is doing compared to your KPIs through a quick glance at automatically displayed live data charts. Never let another opportunity slip between your fingertips.

Responsive business management apps
Scale Rapidly with Best-in-Practice Tools
Tools Tailored to You

Once our team of experts understands your unique business needs, we will present a technology strategy that will support the growth of your business.


We are fluent in everything Microsoft Dynamics 365 has to offer. From quote to cash, we will set up your workspace to match your strategy perfectly, so we can get it right for you the first time.

Updates and Upgrades

Goals and needs change as your business grows. Our team of experts have years of experience in re-organizing existing technologies to suit current and future needs of your company in a scalable way.

Training and Support

We welcome training and support requests for projects, so you can know the solution that you ordered inside out. Additionally, we offer several specialized ongoing support packages.

Custom Power App Consulting & Development

Perfect for organizations  who want to empower their workforce with modern tools.

Microsoft Ecosystem & Power App Setup

Support all areas of your company with an ecosystem of the best tools Microsoft can offer.

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