Three Point Turn

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Great Customer Relationships turns into Great Revenue.

Transform your customer experience and hunt down leads by unifying your sales and marketing strategy.

What’s catching your prospective customer’s eye? Which of your marketing strategies are working? How can you nurture your leads into lifelong partnerships? Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing lets you track your customers at all times so you gain these insights.

Empower your sales and marketing team with tools for analytics, business intelligence, and machine learning. Show your prospects how much they matter to you by giving them the personalized experience that they want.

Sales & Marketing Alignment
Understand Your Customer Needs

Tracking and analytics technology will provide insight on what your customers really want

Identify Prospects through Predictive Intelligence

And win their attention through empowered marketing decisions

Marketing Campaign Insights

Understand which strategies are working with live marketing attribution dashboards

Simplify Budgets, Taxes, and Invoicing

Automated and flexible to fit any scenario

Real-Time Data Analytics Dashboards

Always have a live pulse on your workforce

We will implement Dynamics 365 Sales & Marketing for You

Three Point Turn has over a decade of experience in modernizing business’ sales and marketing systems with Microsoft tools.

Our expert team of Microsoft Dynamics developers will help you realize the strength of Microsoft’s tools, while maximizing your business’ ability to reach new clients and close deals. We can safely migrate your data to your final Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing solution.

What Dynamics 365 Sales & Marketing Offers
Transform Your Customer Service
Understand Your Customer Needs

Speaking to a customer the way they want when they need it is the secret to landing a deal. Dynamics 365 tracks customer journeys across multiple platforms, so you can put yourself at the right place, at the right time.

Increase Conversations with Customers

Engage customers across multiple channels. Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing has the tools you need to keep the conversation going seamlessly through social media, emails, and other modes of communication, all in one place.

Build Lasting Trust with Your Customers

Make their experience with your company one that they remember. Happy customers won't just keep coming back - they'll recommend you to their network, too. Foster lifelong partnerships when you leverage sales and marketing insights to your advantage.

Give Customers get a Seamless Experience

Customers may have to speak to several representatives of your company during your partnership. Ensure your team stays on the same page with robust collaboration tools.

Which Marketing Efforts are getting you a ROI?
Unify & Optimize Your Sales & Marketing Campaigns
Deliver Consistent Messaging

Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing collaboration tools ensures every department is on the same page when it comes to your company's branding. Make your company stand out from its competitors with the distinct branding that it deserves.

Nurture Campaigns that Work

Marketing acquisition dashboards will tell you which of your campaigns are attracting customers. Constantly stay one step ahead of your competition by following trends before anyone else has even noticed them. Win big returns on investment when you spend your marketing budget wisely.

Team Collaboration Hubs & Tools

Communication between your sales and marketing department fosters consistent brand messaging, high motivation, and a stress-free experience for the customer. Empower your team to inspire each other with Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing's robust collaboration hub.

Reduce the Sales Cycle

Optimize your sales and marketing strategy to reduce the time it takes to close a deal with a new client. Customers expect modern, streamlined sales journeys. Prepare your workforce with the right technology for it.

Manage Your Campaigns and ROIs

View your marketing and sales campaigns and their respective ROIs all from one place, so can capitalize on what's working for you.

Collaborate from any Device

You'll always have the precise tools you need with Microsoft's technologies. Whether you're on an office desktop, a tablet, or a phone, your workspace will be readily available to you.

Spot Opportunities from Visual Data Charts

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing fits together seamlessly with Power BI to turn your live sales and marketing data into beautiful visual representations. Confidently make well-informed, profitable decisions quickly with dashboards.

Build real-time customer journeys
Scale Rapidly with Best-in-Practice Tools
Tools Tailored to You

Once our team of experts understands your unique business needs, we will present a technology strategy that will support the growth of your business.


We are fluent in everything Microsoft Dynamics 365 has to offer. From quote to cash, we will set up your workspace to match your strategy perfectly, so we can get it right for you the first time.

Updates and Upgrades

Goals and needs change as your business grows. Our team of experts have years of experience in re-organizing existing technologies to suit current and future needs of your company in a scalable way.

Training and Support

We welcome training and support requests for projects, so you can know the solution that you ordered inside out. Additionally, we offer several specialized ongoing support packages.

Sales & Marketing Setup

Perfect for organizations that are ready to unify their sales and marketing efforts through Microsoft’s technologies.

Power BI Integration

We will help you connect Power BI to your Dynamics 365 workspace, so you can view your data as beautiful, informative charts.

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