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Tackling a Data Swamp?

We turn unreliable data into visual dashboards you can trust.

What We Do

3PT is an industry leader with a decade of experience in data science. We support Private Equity, Venture Capital, Consulting firms and their portfolio companies transform data into actionable insights.

Our expertise:

  • Hybrid data warehousing
  • Data visualization and storytelling
  • Big data analytics
  • Predictive analytics and artificial intelligence
  • Military grade security
Dashboard Connectivity Network

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have advanced support when designing all the wonderful features that you want your business’ software to have. Our clients have seen pronounced increases in revenue by using our automated systems, dashboards and portals built on Microsoft’s technologies.

We are experts in customizing Microsoft’s tools to build an automated back-end system for your company. Each tool has a distinct purpose, but they all speak the same language to each other, meaning that they can automatically output KPIs and other insights into rich, personalized dashboards instantly. On top of custom software, the result is often an automated, interactive and rich dashboard on Power BI.

Single Source of Truth

Are you getting different results every time you receive a report? 

We can transform your data system by consolidating data from different silos into one view. This means your new reports will always display the same, accurate data so you don’t need to second-guess business decisions ever again.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Reliable insights into your KPIs saves you from second-guessing important business decisions. Intuitive dashboards on your phone, tablet, and desktop can help you make choices to avoid hazards and take opportunities.



A strong business intelligence system can also help impress stakeholders and maximize your organization’s valuations. Find out how we’ve helped our clients with this on our Case Studies page.

Fix small Issues before they become Problems

Clean, live data  dashboards will alert you of issues the instant they arise. 

We can connect all your data sources to a live, responsive dashboard (powered by Microsoft Power BI) which you can access from anywhere. This single source of truth aligns teams of any size, and keeps managers in the loop at a glance – replacing routine updates and meetings.


Dynamics 365 is perfect if your company needs apps and portals to access all modules in one place.

Using Dynamics, our apps will combine components of customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning and additional tools increase productivity.

Dashboards help monitor KPIs and business health.

We have over a decade of experience in connecting personalized systems of Microsoft tools. On top of custom software, the result is often an automated, interactive and rich dashboard on Power BI.

We develop custom software, apps, and portals, for businesses to manage and automate their sales, CRM and ERP, analytics, and other business modules.

If you have a software idea, we can bring it to life.
Equip your workforce with mobile and field service apps to extend your business' reach.

If your business requires remote work, our mobile apps can implement custom offline functionalities, too.
Satisfy customer and company needs with custom online portals and dashboards.
Feeling lost? We'll help you retake control of company tech with support, or staffing.
Check out the work we’ve done
for our past clients.

Our Team

Our mission is to help build the most innovative enterprises and start-ups in the world, and we believe information technology is the most powerful way to do that.

Our strength is our people–our team of experts combine industry experience, tech savviness and business acumen to create innovative digital solutions that solve real business challenges.

We take the time to understand your business and develop a hand-crafted digital solution tailored to your needs.

"Challenge us with your biggest idea and we'll create something you'll be proud to put you name on."

Chris Mihalicz, CEO

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